The first track of Rude Convict ‘Going Psycho’ was released on the Roughstate main label. And Roughstate’s own sublabel Rough Recruits was also launched with a Rude Convict track: ‘Certified O.G.’. A great start of Thomas his career!


After multiple releases on the Roughstate Main label including a collaboration with Adaro which ended at #51 in the Q-Dance Top 100 (2019) and a remix for Rejecta for his first album, releases on Scantraxx Black, Scantraxx Carbon, My Way, Rough Recruits, Q-Dance NXT and End Of Line it’s time to take the next step.


It all started with Thomas, when in 2014 Hardstyle changed his life. It wasn’t just the music, it was the feeling. “Big, small, fat, thin, lawyer or roadworker. In the end, at a Hardstyle party, only the feeling for the music counts. For me, that makes it a hundred times better than other music styles,” says Thomas.


Rude Convict focuses on making new music and Thomas has a clear vision for that.

“I try to deviate from the existing formulas. Having your own style is very important.” That’s why he’s currently spending a lot of time in the studio, introducing fans around the globe to the Rude Convict vision of Hardstyle.


Rude Convict’s strength is dynamic tracks with classically oriented breaks, hard kicks and a dark, rough edge. Yet Rude Convict is not a new Raw Hardstyle act. “I don’t consider myself a raw artist, I just release music that I love”. The real hardstyle feeling is important here. Not raw, not euphoric, just Hardstyle. Rude Convict is not afraid of breaking down barriers, crossing genres and borders.


In the near future, you will see the recognizable Rude Convict sound excel through a lot of solo releases and sick collabs! Together we need to rise up and show the guts to make the big break possible.


This year I will break down the Boombox Stage on the Sunday of Intents Festival 2022! Who’s gonna wreck the boombox with me?! 💥

Feels really sick to announce that I’ll be part of the festival that was my first hardstyle festival as a visitor years ago! 🤯


I will be opening Area 2 at QAPITAL | The Alpha State at the Ziggo Dome! 🤯🤯

Thank you Q-dance and Harderclass for this amazing opportunity! Expect a set, filled with new tracks and edits, that you don’t want to miss out!

Who am I going to see there? 🔥

No Words To Describe This Awesome Night!

Felt so unreal to play in front of a massive crowd! I would like to thank everyone who visited my set at Revelation, you made this night an absolute highlight for me! Thanks again REBiRTH Festival for giving me this sick opportunity! On to the next one!

Digital Punk – Break Your Face (Rude Convict Remix)

I proudly present you the Digital Punk & Outbreak ft. Sabacca – Break Your Face (Rude Convict Remix)! Ofcourse I’m thankfull for the possibility to remix this track. I’m really proud about the result and I hope you like it the same as Digital Punk and I do! The remix is available for free in the following link!

Adaro & Rude Convict Ft. LXCPR – My Eyes Spit Fire

Absolutely amazing. The honour to make a track with the Raw Hardstyle Legend Adaro made me feel so proud!  My Eyes Spit Fire reached 1,4 million Spotify Streams.  We’ve reached spot #51 in the Q-Dance Top 100 (2019). The track has been supported by great DJ’s at great events! Ofcourse Adaro played it at all of his sick gigs, but other top DJ’s also supported the track at events like; Qlimax, Impaqt Mainstage, Decibel Mainstage, Raw Indoor, Pool Party, Mysteryland, EDC Las Vegas, Loudness, Hard Island, etc etc

Rejecta – Deserve To Die (Rude Convict Remix)

I had the honour to remix Rejecta – Deserve To Die. The remix was released on Rejecta’s debut album, “Rise of Rejecta”.


It sometimes feels unreal, but in my short career as Rude Convict I’ve already released tracks on various major labels: Roughstate, End Of Line, Scantraxx Black, Q-Dance NEXT, Rough Recruits, Scantraxx Carbon and My Way.

Summer Of Love

It was meant to be the “Summer Of Love”, but because of COVID-19 the Dutch Governement cancelled all the official events. After I posted the possibility to book me for private events my Insta DM and mailbox exploded. I’ve done 23 (!) gigs in just 3 months across The Netherlands. Really sick!

First Release

In 2018 my first release Going Psycho was released at the main label of Roughstate! A great way to kick-off my career.


After 2 years my fanbase is still growing and growing, which I really appreciate! Even during the miss of official Events and the possibility to tease new tracks in front of the crowd, my streaming numbers are at least +/- 35K a month on Spotify! Huge thanks to all of you for the ongoing support!

Wicked Wednesday

In 2020 I started with Wicked Wednesday. Every Wednesday I choose my favorite track that has been released that week and share that in my Instagram and Facebook story. From the beginning I’ve received a lot of funny and positive feedback about the way I present the track of the week and I see the numbers of people who watch it are growing every week!

Going Psycho

Certified O.G.

Free Your Mind

Raise The Bar

Deserve To Die (Rejecta Remix)

Going Down

My Eyes Spit Fire

The Spirit Awaken

Dark Side


Drop That

The Dark Army

No Escape

Last MF

Destruction Of Liberty

Break Your Face (Rude Convict remix)




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